Monday, May 26, 2014

My Great Food 15-Second Cooking Challenge

Summer isn’t just about the scorching heat of the sun. It’s about good vibes and energy. And what better way to pump your fuel up than to indulge on hearty and healthy dishes that will surely fill you up even on the go.

 I’ve always been a fan of fusion dishes. And this summer, I imagine the colorful and vibrant cultures of Mexico and Korea. My Seoul Chicken Burrito is one of those fusion recipes I created to satisfy my cravings without feeling too heavy. It’s healthy, it’s fresh—with a little kick on the side. This burrito recipe gives you a modern twist to a classic favorite that everyone can enjoy this summer.


Whole wheat tortilla wrap
Magnolia Chicken BBQ
Lemon Butter rice*
Special sauce**
Magnolia Cheddar cheese
Magnolia Quickmelt

*For the Lemon Butter Rice
2 tbsp. Dari Crème Classic Butter
1 cup cooked rice
2 tbsp juice of lemon
A pinch of salt

**For the Special Burrito Sauce
2 tbsp. sour crème           
1 tbsp. Gochujang or Korean chili paste

.       Grill or pan-fry the chicken until cooked. Shred the chicken meat. Set aside.

        Cook the Lemon Butter rice by simply sautéing your rice in butter and juice of lemon. Add salt to taste. Garnish with parsley. Set aside.

.                      Lay the tortilla wrap on a clean flat surface. 

Assemble the contents down on the center of the tortilla wrap as you like. Fold the sides first then fold the short end of the tortilla up so the contents don't spill out of the bottom. Roll the burrito until the long end, making sure it’s well tucked underneath.

Place the burrito in the microwave on medium-high for 20 seconds.
  Serve it with lemon wedges, kimchi and the special burrito sauce.

And here's how I did it in 15 seconds :)


The sweet and juicy Magnolia Chicken BBQ marinated to perfection, the buttery and tangy taste of the Lemon rice and the fresh burst of flavors from the Kimchi goes perfectly with the Special Burrito Sauce and the creaminess of the cheese. With the use of whole wheat tortilla flour, you can’t go wrong with this easy and healthy dish--of course, made awesome by San Miguel Purefoods Products.

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