Sunday, May 27, 2012

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Take on Korean Eyebrows

Hi guys! In my recent post I told you about some basic information regarding the Korean makeup trend that is getting popular not only in Asia but in western countries as well. Now that I have already shared some of my insights as well as tips in order to achieve this look, let me take you further by sharing some of my step-by–step tutorials, starting on the eyebrows.

Korean eyebrows, as I have mentioned, have been gaining popularity for giving this youthful look that has been strongly distinct in Koreans these days.The idea of having straight, bushy eyebrows can be a little daunting to some (especially for women) but Koreans in contrary have been totally rocking the look. Since most Asians, particularly the ones from the East have relatively soft facial features, thick, defined brows can actually accentuate the features as well as giving off a better frame to the face. 

Here are some photos of famous Korean actresses and k-pop artists who are rocking the scene with these thick,straight brows:

SNSD's Yuri

Actress Moon Geun Young

Singer/Actress Yun Eun Hye

Singer IU

 To achieve this look, let's start by grooming the eyebrows:)

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Basics of Korean Makeup, Insights and Tips

DISCLAIMER: This is not a hundred percent accurate coz for one, I’m not Korean, and two, im not a professionalJ But most of it are base on research and some personal observations in account for my KPOP obsession and some reliable testimonials from my Korean friends at school.

The Korean makeup is indeed a trend nowadays not only in Asia but suprisingly, in western countries as well.  I really couldn’t blame such fanaticism over this type of makeup and makeup routine because damn it who doesn’t want a fresh, flawless face, not to mention a youthful glow even after a day of nerve-racking work? Well I scream, I DO!!

So, what are the basics in a Korean makeup routine?

First, a clean,clear face is an essential step to achieve that fresh look. Not only Koreans but most of the people from East Asia (like China and Japan) have this fair to white complexion with really fine pores that some even calls it the porcelain skin. Of course climate is a huge factor but I do think East Asian girls, Koreans in particular are so into their looks nowadays that they are able to practice various skin care routines that are effective in maintaining and enhancing their skin.  

Second, a staple in Korean makeup, BB cream. I know most of us are fully aware of the history and whatnots of this infamous product but yes, the magic of Korean makeup happens when this liquid foundation-slash-moisturizer-slash-sunscreen  is applied to the face and with the right amount and choice of shade for your complexion--- voila! You’ll have that glowing, dewy skin we usually see on Korean actresses and Kpop artists on TV.

A variety of BB creams now available in the market
Actress Shin Se Kyung with her flawless, dewy face.


Another is their use of black eyeliners, may it be liquid, gel or in pencil form to enhance and enlarge their eyes.  For a fresh and subtle day look, Koreans are known for tightlining their eyes. Tightlining is a method of lining the existing spaces between the lashes or lining as close as possible to the lash line. This will give you bigger, brighter, and more youthful eyes. This method actually creates an “invisible” eye makeup look that makes uswonder how come Korean actresses have these defined looking eyes but it’s as if they re not wearing any.

Also, you wound’t see a lot of them wear dark or even bold color eyeshadows (Okay I know what you’re thinking, and yes girls from 2NE1 is not an exception. On normal days, I assume Park Bom wouldn’t even think of sporting her usual black eye look inside a ramyun shop). They always go for au naturel by only applying neutral colors or champaigne or any light shimmer eyeshadow to highlight the lids. Sometimes they would choose not to put any.
See how girl group f(x) Krystal Jung's eyes are tightlined? There is obvious definition on the upper lids without dramatically lining the eyes. It's almost not there at all! Also, a a very light eyeshadow finishes a subtle look.

Koreans have a different way of grooming and styling their brows which is also getting popular these days hence the name, Korean eyebrows. The typical Korean eyebrows are tousled, bushy, and straight, yes and some of it can be DEAD-ON straight. I personally am fascinated on how they could actually pull off this look without looking like a constipated clown. Frankly, I learned to embrace my genetically straight brows because of this trend. This eyebrow style gives you that innocent, youthful look, perfect for giving definition to the eyes.

Actress Moon Geun Young and her oh so bushy brows

Straight brows of singer IU

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Real Two-Thousand-and-Late

Realizing this, I am indeed the epitome of late adolescence---which reminds me of Britney Spear's "I'm Not a Girl, Not yet a Woman" FM hit but the difference is, i'm apparently a full grown, 21 year old, voluptuous adult who still struggles from all the nooks and crannies of being a legit woman.
My point is that i just realized i'm a makeup enthusiast pala. The horrendous truth is when I entered college, baby powder was literally my weapon for my ever so oily t-zone. Ugh. Reminiscing makes me really nauseous. :|

So before I share a book length of history on how I develop a lust on anything that is applied to the face to practically beautify us, naturally vain female species I would like to tell you firsthand that this blog is dedicated for some make-up/beauty product reviews, tips and as well as make up tutorials (if I've already got that 200% power level like of Toguro's to show this exotic piece of sh*tface on public.)

~oh and also some of my random thoughts, occasional rants and my bi-polar tendencies, my graveyard college life as dentistry student, FOOD (lotsa food) and last but definitely not the least ---KPOP and my hubby Lee Donghae. 

Btw, i'm kinda noob to this setting even though I have my own Lj account...well geez, Livejournal is in an alternate universe and i will never, i repeat, NEVER name my lj account ever because other than it's a trunk for all my KPOP junk, well... it's a trunk for all my KPOP junk and whenever i get on my possessed fan girl mode, i can do all sorts of things and well...yeah some of it can be really embarrassing, and some can be just...

So I will end this for now. You'll get to know me more once i start blogging for real. Like for shiz.

Hmm,so how do i say this, TOODLES!
Nah, til next time :)