Saturday, June 16, 2012

Skin Food: Banana Concealer

Hi guys! Last week I did a mini Skin Food haul :)

I, by the way am a huge Skin Food fan. In fact, the Skin Food Peach Sake Pore BB Cream is my absolute favorite.

Speaking of favorites, Skin Food once again caught my interest through this concealer which is infused with my favorite lunch time dessert and mid-day snack--- Banana, hence the Skin Food Banana Concealer.

Skin Food Banana Concealer Stick
Product description:

A secret weapon to banish blemishes with high coverage results. Infused with banana extract to provide moisture and nutrients to the skin. Blends virtually with any foundation to help achieve a flawless looking complexion. Available in 2 shades. (cr:

Plus points for that banana-ish feel. One thing I love about Skin Food is their creativity when its comes to  packaging. And it has a  lovely banana scent oh my god.

Twistable that makes it convenient to use.

The Skin Food Banana Concealer is available in two shades. #1 in Light Beige and #2 in Natural Beige. I chose #2 since I 'm a mid-toner (plus Skin Food's shading in general,can be a bit lighter than expected.)


 w/o Flash                                           w/ Flash

To be precise, I have a medium to fair olive with cool to neutral undertones (which is a bit mouthful but is actually very common to Asians, particularly those from the South East.)I know it was kind of silly for me to expect a yellowish tone for this concealer since the name or rather the fruit accounts for the color but yeah, this concealer is perfect for those who have neutral to cool (yellow) undertones. 

w/flash                                   w/o flash

The thing about this concealer is that it glides smoothly on my skin without it being too creamy nor too greasy. I know concealers are meant for coverage but I like how this product is not too coverage heavy but just enough to conceal dark circles and spots without actually caking the area. Plus, it is also very light and easy to blend. 

Dark circles alert. In this photo (w/ flash) you can see these faint green veins on my under eye bags. In reality there are these OBVIOUS green and PURPLE veins ALL OVER my under eye bags. Being a dentalmed student will be the death of me someday. So tragic.

Apply onto desired area. Pat lightly and blend edges well onto the skin. Apply powder after. (cr: www.skinfood. sg)

(Forgive me for the poor lighting and cam res.) You can see that the product blends on my skin color perfectly and the under eye bag on my left eye was also concealed pretty well.

Here's another photo of mine with a bare cheek. Break-outs season for me. Freaken Lovely. 

After applying The Skin Food Banana Concealer on all the dark spots, I used Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream in #23 with my mom's (abandoned) Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Dual Effect Powder in 36 Sand to set the whole thing.

w/o flash                    w/ flash

Overall, this has become another favorite concealer of mine. Not only it suits my color very well but it has good coverage but light on the skin at the same time. It is not overly creamy and greasy but also not the type that cakes on the skin especially for those who have dry skin and those who have fine lines. But if your seeking for coverage heavy concealer, this formula might not be for you. Since it's very light for the skin, I normally use this only during the day.

Pros: lightweight, not too creamy and greasy, glides smoothly and blends easily on skin,  good coverage, perfect for people with neutral to cool undertones, long lasting, convenient to use, has yummy banana scent:)

Cons: Nothing at all (except for those who are looking for heavy coverage concealers, this is not for you)

Will I buy this again? : Yes, certainly. (Although i'm not sure if this product is still available in Skin Food Megamall because last time I checked, the saleslady told me they don't have stocks for this anymore. Good thing because I couldn't just imagine how pricey this could get when Skin Food Phils decided to restock.) Anyways, I bought this one online, straight from Korea for only 400+.

Til next time:)


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