Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Real Two-Thousand-and-Late

Realizing this, I am indeed the epitome of late adolescence---which reminds me of Britney Spear's "I'm Not a Girl, Not yet a Woman" FM hit but the difference is, i'm apparently a full grown, 21 year old, voluptuous adult who still struggles from all the nooks and crannies of being a legit woman.
My point is that i just realized i'm a makeup enthusiast pala. The horrendous truth is when I entered college, baby powder was literally my weapon for my ever so oily t-zone. Ugh. Reminiscing makes me really nauseous. :|

So before I share a book length of history on how I develop a lust on anything that is applied to the face to practically beautify us, naturally vain female species I would like to tell you firsthand that this blog is dedicated for some make-up/beauty product reviews, tips and as well as make up tutorials (if I've already got that 200% power level like of Toguro's to show this exotic piece of sh*tface on public.)

~oh and also some of my random thoughts, occasional rants and my bi-polar tendencies, my graveyard college life as dentistry student, FOOD (lotsa food) and last but definitely not the least ---KPOP and my hubby Lee Donghae. 

Btw, i'm kinda noob to this setting even though I have my own Lj account...well geez, Livejournal is in an alternate universe and i will never, i repeat, NEVER name my lj account ever because other than it's a trunk for all my KPOP junk, well... it's a trunk for all my KPOP junk and whenever i get on my possessed fan girl mode, i can do all sorts of things and well...yeah some of it can be really embarrassing, and some can be just...

So I will end this for now. You'll get to know me more once i start blogging for real. Like for shiz.

Hmm,so how do i say this, TOODLES!
Nah, til next time :)


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